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Each and Every person has a dream for his/her child for better Education and all round-development so, it is collective responsibility of the education to the staff parents to impart best Education to the students, so that they may cultivate healthy habits and positive attitudes in their Personal and social life to prove an asset to society they live in.

For all round development it is in order to ensure proper development of the personality of students, the teachers and the parents should work in mutual Co-operation keeping constant vigilance on their part which will definitely pay rich dividend.

This Student’s Diary aims at establishing a valuable link between teachers and parents to know day by day progress of the child. The best think to spend on children in your valuable time, consequently. I would like to request you to spare some on children in you to spare some of your Precious time to go through diary and take appropriate remedial stops what so ever necessary.

Thank You.
Md. Taiyab
(R.M. Public School)
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