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All of you will be very glad to know that an English Medium CBSE Co-educational Senior Secondary Radha Memorial Public School was inaugurated in Year 2012 by Shree Ganesh Singh, a retired well-known Principal of LMHS Kudariyan, Rajapatti, Mashrak, Saran and Our Chief Guest was Heera Lal Sharma a retired Principal of Polytechnic College Panchmukhi Bazar in healthy atmosphere governed by Radha Memorial Welfare Trust, recognized by the Government of Bihar.

Dear Wisher!

It goes without saying. Each and every person has dream. A child has dream to admit in one of the best school and to become one of the best man of the world of own age. Just like a child the guardian has a dream to admit his own child in one of the best school and to get one of the best students of the world. Like a child or a guardian I have also a dream that is RMPS to educate the children for better future that will be the dream of all the dreams.

It is impossible to meet each and every one face to face so I want to convey my feelings and thoughts by dint of pen and proper on that basis of given inspirable short story.

Three men were cutting stones. A passer by asked them what they were doing. The first man said “I am cutting apiece of stone. There second man replied.” I am earning my bread”. The third man answered “I am making a cathedral”.

Neither I am doing like the first person not I am doing like the second person. O am making a temple of education just like third person. I don’t want to do only for the present time but also want do for the future like above the third person. Co-operate me in field of education by admitting your ward in RMPS. I promise I will give you a better education for the betterment of your child.

“If you plan for a year paddies.
If you plan for decade plant trees
If you plan for century.
Educate your children”.
Sh. Baldev Rai
Founder & Chairperson
(Radha Memorial Welfare Trust)